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Regenerating -DermoCosmetic line


Developed by Dr. Orit Bossi


the Product

Line of revolutionary and innovative Anti-aging products to treat and prevent wrinkle formation and provide a young and radiant look.

AAPE1 is a revolutionary patent pending formula. The products in the line are based on AAPE1- a very unique and powerful antioxidant and Anti-aging formula.


Skin aging (skin wrinkling, skin pigmentation and in some cases skin cancer) is accelerated, among other factors, by the generation of free radicals during exposure to UV/sun or air pollution.

ORCHID GREEN RENENERATING line commited to provide the best quelity products for customers by using the latest and most advanced technologies in the process of manufacturing.


Advantage of the products

and technology

  • Prevent and inhibit  wrinkle formation and fine lines formation.

  • Help improve skin pigmentation based on AAPE1.

  • Treat wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Protect against skin damage caused by sun/UV exposure and air-pollution.     

  • Rejuvenate and improve skin elasticity.

  • Provide long lasting protection – up to 24 hours.

  • Protect from free radicals and are a powerful antioxidant.

  • Make the skin a young and glowing .

  • GREEN, VEGAN, and  "Safe Cosmetics products". Do not contain parabens, petrol products, dyes, SLS or silicones or mineral oils.


Our products

Two lines: Women and Men

Regenerating intense Moisturizer cream

.all skin types /day and night

Regenerating intense Nourishing cream

.night cream - for very dry skin

Regenerating intense cream-gel

.lotion-for oily/combination-normal skin

Anti-aging eye cream

.for all skin types

Intense serum

.for all skin types

Gentle cleaning gel

.for all skin types

Crystalline peeling mask

.for all skin types

Gentle Body wash


About Dr. Orit Bossi


Founder & CEO of ORCHID GREEN LTD and "Regenerating Line" based on AAPE1 revolutionary anti-aging formula.

Dr. Bossi has a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializing in aging process and skin aging and studied Neuroscience at Columbia University in New York as part of her postdoctoral studies. Dr. Bossi has developed AAPE1, a natural formula with a very powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Aging activity. The formula maintains its effectiveness of the over 24 hours. This formula is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin aging treatments and is recognized worldwide as a patent pending and meets the CFDA regulation.

About Dr. Orit Bossi  #skincare  moisturizer, antioxidants, antiaging, green cosmetics
Anti wrinkling Moisturaizer, green serum with patent antioxidant

From the Media


It looks as if a new skin cream by Dr. Orit Bossi could not only make people retain their youthful image, but also protect people’s skin against harmful UV rays. But what separates this cream out from similar products may reside in the fact that it can outlast its competition. The new antioxidant, according to Dr. Bossi, is stable in high temperatures, soluble in water and does not easily oxidize, allowing it to retain its efficacy over a long period. "Sunscreens merely protect the skin from much of the harm of UV rays, this antioxidant retards the aging of the skin. In addition, unlike cosmetic preparations, discovery deals with the deepest layers of the skin and not only the epidermis". Dr. Bossi said (Jerusalem Post).


Israeli researcher finds solution to wrinkles. A pioneering way to prevent wrinkles.  Dr. Orit Bossi of Hebrew University has developed a plant-based antioxidant that does not oxidate quickly, is impervious to high temperatures and retards the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. (Israel Today).



I have used very luxurious anti-aging products over the years, but did not see any results or improvement in my skin's look or texture until I started using the Regenerating line. I was surprised by my skin's appearance. My wrinkles have been reduced, some even diminished, and I feel and look young again. I recommended these products to all my friends.

Before & After

Women who used the product line their skin  was photographed in camera with a significant magnification before and during the use. As seen in the pictures the depth of thr wrinkles was reduced significantly as well as the skin texture which leads to a young and smooth radiant skin.


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